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Eternity Homecare is dedicated to providing the best in home personal care services to one client, one family, and one community at a time in the State of Wisconsin.

Providing You with Personal Care Services at Your Home

Eternity Homecare is a free stand alone personal care services agency that strives to provide in home personal care services to all ages and ethnic backgrounds throughout the State of Wisconsin at the comfort environment of our prospectus' own home. We have trusted caregivers on staff that are more than capable of helping your loved ones with day-to-day tasks (activities of daily living). With in home personal care services from us, you will get the peace of mind you deserve knowing your loved ones are being looked after by skilled professionals. At Eternity Homecare, the elderly does not have to sacrifice their independence. We allow them to live the lives they want by having us there to provide assistance when needed. Our services ensure your loved ones are able to have rich and fulfilling lives.

Our founders has personally took care their parents for over fifteen years. They understand that there so many things they could have done better but without support and education or knowledge of such services available. They learned the hard way and want to contribute their knowledge and help our community. You and your loved ones do not have to go through the same physical and mental stress and depress as they have had. We welcome private care services and Medicaid recipients.

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We provides these non-medical supervised services to our Medicaid recipients and private pay at home:

  • Activity of daily living (ADL)

  • In Home Personal Care Services

  • Supportive Care

  • Companionship Care

  • Care Staffing

  • And many other services See more >> 

Here is DHS video cast of the the EVV mandate which is coming in couple of years. If our link does now work, you can copy the link below and paste to your browwer.


Cross cultural employment of opportunity:


Personal Care Worker (Caregiver)

Office Administrative

Volunteer Program Director

Accounting Clerk



And many other options See more >>

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Better Care Starts with You!
Together We Can Make a Difference


“I am greatly appreciate the time and teamwork of Eternity Homecare put things together to help put my Mom in my care at home.” 


—  Sack S., Caregiver



“I am greatly appreciate the time and teamwork of Eternity Homecare put things together to help put my Mom in my care at home.”


Kelly M.


“Eternity Homecare team is a great resource and they have relieved my stress and my managing time.”


Joan K.

“My parents have been in and out of the hospital and clinic. I found Eternity Homecare and the nurse admit my parents into their care team with such a smooth transition. I would recommend anyone to experience with their passion of care for our loved ones.”


Steve Y.


“I wish I have known earlier about such wonderful agency like Eternity Homecare prior to many shops around. You guy are wonderful, my parents and family admire your team.”


Frank S.

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