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2017 Employee W-2

As an in-home personal care services agency, we realized that some of our employees has been waiting for their year end income tax refund that everyone is anxious to get their W-2 form for 2017 as early as possible including other financial document to file their income tax return. We at Eternity Homecare will start distributing employee W-2 as early as January 19, 2018. If you do not get your W-2 by the end of this month - January31, 2018, you must call your employer payroll department.

Per IRS schedule, everyone should get their W-2 by the end of January 31, 2018 however, we recommended that you should not be rush to file your income tax return. Here is a link to the IRS W-2 forms and its revision for 2017.

Due to some tax code changed, we wish for huge refund for everyone.


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