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Home Care Services


In Home Personal Care Services

Today fast pace society, millions of American elders face chronic illness or some physical and mental issues. They are frail and cannot functional a normal day-to-day living. Your loved ones need help but you are too busy with jobs and family that is when Eternity Homecare can be your care provider. Eternity Homecare will do necessary steps to help you plan a care for your loved ones as needed. 


We provide services for Medicaid recipients non-medical care services and Private Pays.


Nursing Supervisory Visits

We provide nursing supervisory visit every 60 days at our members home to supervisor our caretakers to sure they still competent of their assigned tasks. Our nurses also discuss with your loved ones to see if their health condition remain the same of changed. If your loved one health conditions has changed, our nurses will make recommendation or advise to see their doctor.


Specialist Services

We partnered with many other health organizations in case your loved ones health conditions changed and required the services beyond our capabilities and capacities. Our private pay home care services will assess and evaluate your loved ones conditions and needs to provide best matched caretakers.

Community Involvement

Community involvement is a very important aspect of revitalization in any community, whether its large or small. We believed community involvement will help us understand the needs of our loved ones or elders. We support local non-profit organizations fundraising to educate consumers on health care needs.

It is heart breaking when we heard the announcement of Journey Mental Health decision to end Kajsiab House in Madison, Wisconsin. Kajsiab House is a small section of the Journey Mental Health which mostly used by Hmong Elders. It is sadden however, the community has fought hard to keep it alive. Fortunately, there has been numerous funds support to keep it alive, at least for a short term. In fact, we are part of it too.

Here is DHS video cast of the the EVV mandate which is coming in couple of years. If our link does now work, you can copy the link below and paste to your browwer.