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Happy Holidays - CEO Message

Happy Holidays from Team Eternity. As time is passing by and season change, let the cold weather helps us appreciate the hot summer that has passed, the hot summer help us appreciate the fresh spring that is coming, and the fresh spring helps us appreciate the wonderful colors of autumn. During the course we watched the season change from spring to summer, from summer to falls, and from falls to winter. This is the color of nature the cycle of life we live. May everyone makes a positive life change as nature has shown us every season.

With a new year comes new government with challenges and goals. Eternity Homecare mission is to continue help provide personal care services to not just the under served minority elders but also abroad. It has been a wonderful year of service at Eternity Homecare since 2011. We have been providing personal care services to our loved ones, our families, and our communities. We are constantly working on finding alternative ways to improve our in-home personal care services to meet the needs of your loved ones needs beyond years of coming.

I personally thank you for our valued members who have trusted and allowed us to be part of your family. Your family is our family - eternity family. As administrator of Eternity Homecare, I seen everyone grew together and get old together, may everyone continue bond closer to their loved ones. My wish is let everyone be blessed at this Christmas and New Year Holidays with abundance of joys, stay courage and stronger in loving, caring, and living without regrets.

Our staff at the office wish everyone a wonderful and happy holidays.

Your sincerely,

Vang Thao, CEO/Administrator


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